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by tay_ploops

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luucid 00:42
enterr 02:02
experiencing the mystery spins in both directions spiral like the snake were going in and coming out again like the snake drowndrowndrowndroundroundround spiderlike foresight to unroll a thread as she entered the labyrinth enter into the darkness enter into the darkness winged gate the labyrinth invites and a boat waits stands like a beacon at the end of a tunnel a vision waiting to be enterred
wee rot 00:11
end again 01:06
what dew you know it's a one time deal that keeps on repeating again and again and again and again it's the same old thing like a broken record is it the same each time well knot if you look close its knew each time is new it's a new u seeing a new way of being now and today and always the same every time time time time time what do you know
mooon 00:45
rotation moon moon muun mooon mou mon mant maman maman muu moo lune lune loon lune la lune moon mon maman muun moon wax wacks
ream ember 01:55
iff 00:59
gawn 01:32
there's someone hear to sea you did you go did you go where did you go where have you gone where have you gone where did you go are you gone even where did you have you gone what do you sea where you are where you go where did you go where have you gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone going gone gawn gawn gawn gawn gone gone gone gone gone


"stunning sound collages and glitch female voices. beautiful sonorous landscapes." -experimental sound addict


released January 20, 2019

t'hiss is active grrief

glisten closely

pulling tarot cards with my mother's corpse

love to shell ye

all sounds recorded on cassette tape
vocal loops on track 2 reek'or'did on eye_phone
all instruments, tape loops, & sounds are played, collected, & reassembled by jessica gabriel

made for release on eg0cide [Eg0_198]
www.eg0cide.com ::: wp.me/pcVRA-1B8

extralala credits:::
words read from vicki noble's motherpeace tarot on tracks 1, 2, 3
voice by brandon schwinn on tracks 4 & 9
piano by chloe ziner on tracks 4 & 10
bc ferries safety announcements on track 6
tape loop - the wyrd sisters "leave a little light" on track 6
tape loop - genesis "the lamb lies down..." on tracks 7 & 8




tay_ploops Vancouver, British Columbia

a sea grit sighed project

sound collage

lo_fyi sketches
from handheld
casse-tête tape
reek or dings

an ongoo’ing exp(lore)ation
by multi-disciplinary artist jessica gabriel

whirr’d play

wøkman rêvival

jawharp_inky t'witch

unstuck ukulele trance

dream journal exslurpts

tape loops and other (un)sound textures

in joy
... more

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